Remote Cam For Blackberry

*** Special promotion subscription price! $0.99 per month ***

Watch the RemoteCam demo on YouTube:

RemoteCam allows you to view real-time streaming video from your webcams directly on your web-enabled mobile phone so that you can keep an eye on your home, office, retail store, warehouse, and more. Perfect for all working parents, business owners, home owners and farmers. If you are a Verizon customer, you can receive text alerts if motion is detected at one of your preset locations. As a RemoteCam subscriber, you’ll experience the outstanding monitoring system for your convenience, safety and security. Start with a 5 days free trial for new user, and then choose to subscribe for $0.99 per month promotion price, for either one month or three months at a time. Subscription can be purchased in application.

• View real-time feed from your webcams on your web-enabled phone at any time.
• Share your cameras with other RemoteCam users.
• Record video files from any webcam at any time.
• Receive text alerts to your device if motion is detected at any of your preset locations(VZW only).

Installation Guidelines:

Mobile Application Installation and Registration:
1. Download the RemoteCam application to your mobile device.
2. Launch application. On Login page, select “Get New RemoteCam ID” to setup your account information.
3. Your mobile number will automatically appear in the ID box. Enter a password and select Register.
4. Read through and agree to the Terms & Services to proceed. You will be directed to the application’s main menu. You will now need to setup your RemoteCam PC software.

PC Software Installation:
1. Download the free RemoteCam PC software:
2. Install the software.
3. When prompted to login, use the same ID and password you created in the RemoteCam mobile application.
4. You can now set up your webcams. Once registering a webcam on your PC software, it will then appear on
the main screen of your mobile application, where you can then configure its settings.

For more details visit
or watch the RemoteCam demo on YouTube:

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Note: For AT&T devices RemoteCam only supports 3G.

For Download Click Here

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