MoodMe Free Blackberry

MoodMe Free Blackberry
MoodMe Free is a fun new addicting way to communicate using your BlackBerry device! This simple free application allows you to communicate in a whole new way using a predefined Mood (Love) that lights up the BlackBerry LED with an exciting color and pattern.

MoodMe Free allows you to customize the color and pattern that you will see when you receive a text message containing the mood name or any of your defined keywords for the mood.

Sending your mood to any other users of MoodMe will cause their Blackberry LED to flash in the pattern and color they have indicated for that Mood. This feature allows you quickly communicate with other users without ever even looking at the Text message!

Even non-BlackBerry users can get in on the fun by sending text messages with the mood or keywords to light up your phone!

Features also include:
– Sending your “Mood” right from the BlackBerry address book menu.
– Easily replying to received text messages by sending your mood from the SMS edit menu.
– Sending your mood from the MoodMe main screen using your BlackBerry address book to select a contact.
– Add up to 5 additional keywords for the mood.

Upgrade to the full version of MoodMe also available in the app store and get an additional 7 pre-defined customizable moods and 2 fully customizable moods that contain a double LED lighting functionality! It is recommended you delete the free version before installing the full to prevent both versions from running.

Please note that normal text messaging rates will apply for any text messages sent.

Download From Appworld
Click Here

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