Wisepilot – GPS Navigator For Blackberry

Wisepilot is an award winning search, map and navigation app that gives you maximum flexibility. You choose how you want to use it:
– use the free features such as search, maps, directions and sharing
– enhance your experience with extra features via in app purchases like turn-by-turn Navigation and Speed Cameras. Prices are set depending on time period.

Download Wisepilot now and you get access to all the features for free for 5 days! After that you decide how you want to keep using Wisepilot.

Free features that you can use at all times:
– Find places nearby any destination, e.g. the closest pharmacy or best local Italian restaurant
– Share your places with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, mail or sms
– Search for a street address, person*, business**, intersection or even coordinates
– Worldwide maps. From continents down to street level.
– See your route on the map and get text instructions – perfect when you are exploring a city by foot
– Quickly get distance and estimated travel time to where you want to go
– Five day weather forecast for any location

Features available to buy from the in-app shop for a time period of your choice:
– Navigation – Reach your destination with voice guidance and 3D map directions, speed limit display and optional speed warnings, get into the right lane and realistic junction views to help you make the correct turns.
– Speed Cameras – Get alerts when approaching a speed camera
– Live Traffic – Stay away from traffic incidents and avoid the queues
– Wcities – Find ongoing or upcoming events near you

New in this version:
– Faster search and more precise hits
– Quicker map loading and panning
– Reduce your consumption of data traffic with Abroad mode
– Enhanced look & feel
– More intuitive searching for places near you or any location
– Easy switch between list & map view for search hits
– Record a trip without starting navigation
– My trips: View and edit your finished trips
– Store maps on your phone

Follow Wisepilot on Facebook and get the latest news, tips & tricks and contests: http://www.facebook.com/Wisepilot

We would love to hear your feedback and ideas for future updates. Get in touch with us on Facebook.

Have fun!
The Wisepilot Team

* Only in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Germany, Netherlands
** Only in United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands

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