BeSilent By Alexey Shtol v1.0.82

BeSilent By Alexey Shtol v1.0.82
*** Mute alerts notifications by schedule, events, appointments or defined time period. ***Are you tired of switching BlackBerry® profiles – loud, silent, even turning on bedside mode in the night? Then BeSilent is for you.

Just let BeSilent know for how long you don’t want to be bothered. But that’s just a beginning. What beSilent does as well – it can configure your BlackBerry behavior in the cradle and on USB connection.

Do you leave your BlackBerry cradle on your bedside table? Program your BlackBerry to lower the back light, turn off ring tones etc. to have a silent night, but not losing that important message or call that must get through to you.

You keep your cradle on youy desk in the office and don’t want to be bothered with office calls at home? Program your BlackBerry to start receiving calls when you put it in the cradle. Take your life back. Your BlackBerry should be your tool, not your hog.

Main features:
+ Scheduler mode
+ Craddle mode behavior
+ USB charging mode behavior
+ Disable alerts for defined time period
+ Disable alerts until end of selected appointment

This is not profile switcher. This is a powerful silencer.
Required Device Software5.0.0 or higherDownload OTA (Trial 7 day):
Click Here

Indahnya bisa berbagai bersama 😀


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