Twitter BlackBerry v2.1 BetaZone Update

Berikut adalah changelog Official Twitter for BlackBerry v2.1.0.15 beta

Additional Profile
FunctionsYou’ll notice that My Profile has two new icons: Edit Profile and Switch Accounts. While you could always edit your profile via the Menu, now you can use the Edit Profile icon right from the Profile screen to change your picture or update your personal information. And the Edit Profile screen has received a new facelift. Read on to learn more about the Switch Account icon in Multi-Account Support.

Multi-Account Support
The new Multiple Account Support feature lets you use up to five accounts on Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones. When logged into multiple accounts, the current user name will appear in the upper-left corner of the header bar and the user picture will appear in the My Profile icon. You can quickly switch between accounts by using the Switch Account function, accessible from My Profile or via the Menu. Have an interesting Tweet in one account that you’d like to share from another account? No problem, you can cross-post Tweets and Retweets from one account to another without switching the current account view. You can also stay notified of Mentions and Messages with real-time notifications for each of your Twitter accounts.

RIm telah update official Twitter App for BlackBerry ke bersi v2.1.0.25 via BlackBerry Betazone.Versi baru ini hanya fixed error yang terjadi, belum ada fitur baru dari RIM

*Fixed* Timeline – Freezing while scrolling*Fixed* Timeline – Loading icon remains on screen, new items do not appear*Fixed* Touch screen – Retry button does not respond to touch

Sementara ini, hanya member betazone yang dapat download dan mencoba versi beta tersebut. Baca versi beta sebelumnya.

Source : Berryindo

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