Extreme Plastic Surgery

Shows depicting individuals undergoing With the recent barrage of television extreme plastic surgery with hopes to improve not only their self image, but also their marriages, jobs, and personal relationships, it is important to extract fact from fiction when it comes to extreme plastic surgery.

Extreme plastic surgery means undergoing multiple surgical procedures at one time. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, of the population who would consider getting plastic surgery 35% would change one physical feature, 26% two features, 12% three features, and only 9% great than three.

There are some benefits and risks associated with extreme plastic surgery that interested individuals should be made aware of. First and foremost, a good surgeon will always have your personal best interest and well being in mind as you discuss a possible surgical plan. Keeping you safe and healthy, while achieving the desired goals of plastic surgery, should be the number one priority for both patients and surgeons alike.

Some of the risks involved in extreme plastic surgery include complications related to being under general anesthesia for a longer period of time. Both surgery and anesthesia present trauma to the immune system and the body in general. During extreme plastic surgery your body endures a longer length of time under anesthesia and a more involved surgical process. Anesthesia has a strong effect on the cardiovascular system.

With extreme plastic surgery, one runs a greater risk of health complications like pulmonary thrombosis, where the blood in the arteries going to the lungs clots. Another potential side effect of the extended anesthesia time required for extreme plastic surgery is that recovery time may also be extended. There are, however, some benefits to extreme plastic surgery.

Modern surgical procedures are getting safer and safer; offering extreme plastic surgery patients a far lower risk associated with multiple procedures. Extreme plastic surgery, or having more than one procedure done at once, means that there is only one anesthesia period and only one recovery time.

The costs of having extreme plastic surgery performed may be less than having the desired procedures done individually. Patients of extreme plastic surgery can also achieve a greater enhancement of their physical form and self image when more than one procedure is performed at one time.

Because any plastic surgery puts a strain on your body and immune system, it is important to be as healthy as possible going into your extreme plastic surgery. Getting in shape, eating healthy, and quitting smoking are all things that will help your body during the surgery and make success all the more likely. Being healthy may also make your recovery time shorter.

A good plastic surgeon will factor in several different things when deciding if you are a good candidate for extreme plastic surgery including your full medical history, your age, your ethnic background, the goals of your plastic surgery, and more.


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